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Departmental Nominations for Postgraduate Funding: 2022 / 23

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Welcome to TOAST, the Trusts Online Application and Submission System

This system allows departments put forward their most outstanding applicants who have applied and are eligible for the following funding sources:

  • Graduate Funding Competition
  • Gates Cambridge
  • Cambridge Trust

It is then used by the various moderators to review and score the candidates for the various Cambridge Trusts. The functions are:

Departmental Scoring

Departmental staff will be able to view all applicants who have applied to their department and submit the required information about those they wish to nominate to the funding bodies above.
All departments must use this system to provide their input.


Need help? Please use this link to find guidance documents to help you.

Moderation Committee Members

After students have been nominated by departments, moderation takes place. You should only be on this page if you have been requested to undertake moderation; simply follow the link for the organisation you have been asked to moderate for:

Funding Offers

Once TOAST scoring and moderation is completed funding bodies will review the data and make provisional offers. To help view the intentions of the funding bodies this section on TOAST will act as a holding area to see which funders wish to fund which applicants.

Further Questions

If you have any questions or feedback about the on-line system please email

Please note on first use of the system you will be required to complete a short registration form.